Do the pool steps feel a bit slimy? If so, that’s not good, not good at all! That slimy feeling could be the beginnings of the growth of algae. The best pool contractors in Decatur, Illinois offer 3 ways to ensure pool steps are clean. They will clean them as part of a pool service and maintenance visit.

If you’re a DIYer with your pool maintenance make sure you pay attention to the steps and ensure they are clean. If you have a ladder and not steps, you will want to clean those rungs and also around the bottom, handrailings and definitely behind the ladder and the underside of the rungs. Algae is truly just waiting to take hold anywhere it can.

Cleaning the pool steps prevents the growth of algae and bacteria.

Because the pool steps are constantly exposed to water and because they aren’t always easy to clean, some DIYers don’t give them as much attention as they require. Algae spores are sly and will wait patiently to begin growing once the other conditions are right. A warm pool, a pump that hasn’t been run as often as it should be or water chemistry that is out of balance is a perfect storm for algae to take hold.

3 ways to ensure pool steps are clean

When we care for your pool, here’s what we do to keep the pool steps clean. If you do it yourself, here are steps you should take to keep the steps clean.

  1. An experienced pool contractor may recommend and may recommend lowering the water levels so the steps can be thoroughly scrubbed. He will brush them to remove dirt, algae and other materials that may have taken hold and could be growing in the crevices or around the bolts — depending on the type of steps your pool has. We never recommend that someone who isn’t trained in pool care ever lower the water levels because it could truly cause damage.
  2. Pool cleaner will be applied. A pool contractor knows what to use to impact water chemistry the least. He may even recommend using a baking soda paste to use to scrub the steps. Once the steps are scrubbed the pool will need to be thoroughly vacuumed to remove any floating bacteria and spores.
  3. A robotic cleaner will give a light cleaning regularly to the pool steps, but you still need to use some elbow grease to truly clean the steps thoroughly.

When is the last time you cleaned the pool steps? Can’t remember? Then now is the time. Either do it yourself or give us a call. We can give you an estimate on pool services and you may be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective it is especially when you know how much time you’re getting back in your day!

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