On-Site Pool School

Are you new to pool ownership? Do you often stop and stare at your pool and wonder what to do? Imperial Pools, Inc. ” On-Site Pool School ” offers the answers. Imperial Pools will provide an on-site visit with a Certified Service Professional (CSP) specialist. While on-site, the orientation specialist will provide a detailed explanation on operational and maintenance procedures relating to your swimming pool and equipment.

Typical areas that will be addressed during the course of the Pool School consist of:

  • Chemical addition practices
  • Chemical analysis
  • Cleaning
  • Filtering
  • Heater (where applicable)
  • Plumbing, and valves
  • Preventative maintenance

Ideally Imperial Pools, Inc. ” On-Site Pool School ” is designed to answer many of the common questions concerning the above issues; however our orientation specialist will also provide the answers to any questions that may arise during the course of the on-site visit.

Our Certified Service Professional (CSP) will supply supplemental literature for your equipment as needed to serve as reminders and reference points. You will be provided a special HOTLINE to call for any questions that arise in the future.

On-site Pool School – $115.00


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