Summer is right around the corner — according to the calendar –and when that happens thoughts turn to time spent in the swimming pool. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign Illinois offer tips for how to keep the pool water clean in summer 2023.

These tips are ideal for new pool owners and for long-time pool owners who simply want a refresher course before summer and the swimming, season get into full swing! We get phone calls from potential pool customers who will ask how to keep the pool water clean and clear. It’s not a one-size fits all answer, though but if you’re a DIYer we can offer tips to help you undertake pool maintenance. Even the DIYer can give us a call for special pool cleaning or for help with potential pool issues.

Pool maintenance is a big responsibility and can be taxing and time-consuming especially when it comes to keeping pool chemicals balanced. There are many subtle nuances that, if you put in too much of one chemical or too little of another, could lead to algae growth or uncomfortable swimming because of water chemistry imbalances (think red eyes because of too much chlorine). It may also be difficult to store chemicals in a safe place.

The reason for hiring a pool service contractor from Imperial Pools is that you can use your free time to swim, not clean. You won’t have to worry about storing chemicals. You won’t need to gain a deep understanding of pool water chemistry. Also, you may find it costs you less money to hire a pro than to do it yourself.

How to keep the pool water clean in summer 2023:

  1. Skim off floating debris. It’s best to get it before it sinks to the bottom of the pool. Skimming helps the pool filter and pump work easier. Invest in a pool cover to help keep debris out of the water.
  2. Vacuum at least weekly. Vacuum more often if you aren’t diligent in skimming off debris if you’re not using a pool cover and if you have a lot of people in the pool.
  3. Brush the pool walls, behind the stairs and the pool floor before you vacuum. Algae is an invisible menace and it can lurk in places like behind the stairs and then one day… boom… your pool is full of algae.
  4. The types of pool filter your pool has– cartridge, diatomaceous earth and sand — have different maintenance requirements and procedures. There are also different timelines and schedules for their cleaning.
  5. Pool heaters require regular maintenance, this is usually done at the start and end of the pool season.
  6. Invest in a water chemistry test kit and know how to use it.
  7. Shocking, or super chlorinating the pool is a part of pool ownership and needs to be performed on a schedule. Ask your pool contractor what that schedule is. Many pool owners leave this task to professionals.
  8. Is the pool leaking? Perform an inspection. If there is standing water, give us a call. A leaking swimming pool can quickly lead to structural damage.
  9. Take the time to perform pool equipment and structure inspections. When we pay a service visit this is part of our checklist. We let you know if we see any potential issues before they become problematic.

Give us a call for a quote on a seasonal pool maintenance package, for a pool opening or closing or for a general inspection of your pool and its equipment.

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