It is time to remodel your poolside space? There are many reasons to undertake an outdoor living area and it could be that you didn’t have a deck or poolside space budgeted for when you bought your pool or maybe you just want to change the colors or style. You may have an outdoor poolside space you love, but you want to add more options to it like a firepit or outdoor kitchen.

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois know that the reasons for a poolside upgrade are as unique as the owners of the swimming pools themselves.

You have probably found that you spend more time around the pool than it it and that means you want to have your outdoor living space be as welcoming and comfortable as possible. You can add a deck, construct a pool house or simply invest in new cushions for the poolside furniture.

Remodel your poolside space

Talk with us about the entirety of the project you want to complete for your outdoor poolside space, even if you can’t complete the entire project this season you will have it plotted out and you can remodel and make changes and upgrades when you have the budget for it.

Here are items to think about incorporating into your poolside space remodel:

  • Upgrade your pool safety fence to one that is more aesthetically pleasing
  • Add a fire pit
  • Add an outdoor kitchen
  • Upgrade the landscaping
  • Add inpool and outdoor LED lighting
  • Upgrade or update your patio furniture
  • Go big and have a poolhouse or gazebo constructed

Work on the budget for your outdoor living space upgrade then give us a call. Let’s look at your budget and look at the items you want to have included in the upgrade project and we can help you determine what to do first, what to put next on the list and how to tie it all together until you have fully realized the dream space.