When Spring Arrives It’s Time To Open The Pool

A “pool opening” is the ritual we perform once the dangers of a freeze have past.  Be sure to call us as soon as possible to schedule your service early as the schedule gets fills quickly.

The Standard “Pool Opening Only” service from Imperial Pools generally includes the following:

(Below is a typical pool opening. We of course adapt to differences your pool and yard may present.)

• Remove Cover Pump(s) and any debris that is on pool cover
• Following the opening of the cover, we will take out all the return line winter plugs, skimmer winter plug(s) and gizzmo(s) used for the winter months and replace them with the pool’s directional eyeballs
• All skimmer(s), pump(s) and ADR (Automatic Debris Removal) baskets (if applicable) will be put back into place
• The cartridge filter and heater (if applicable) will be reassembled and checked for leaks
• All handrail(s), ladder(s) and diving board (if applicable) will be put back into place
• Pool Opening Chemicals* will then be added to the water to begin the water balancing process and aid in water clarity
* Pool opening chemicals needed are based on your onsite electronic pool water chemistry test (water balance) at the time of opening using Orenda Pool Opening Program

* Price Includes One (1) Pump, Filter, and Heater per Body of Water; Additional Items Priced at $150.00 per Pump System. Bubblers, Deck Jets, Fire Bowls, Laminars, Slides and Spas are extra.

** If you DO NOT want IMPERIAL POOLS to SELL you chemicals at the time of opening then please let us know at the time of prepayment and scheduling.

***Vacuuming of the pool surface is not included in the base opening package. If you wish to have us vacuum the pool at the time of the opening then please let us know at the time of scheduling. Vacuuming service is billed at $73.75/15min intervals.


Call Us Today To Schedule Your Pool Opening!




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