Swimming pools are great for getting in shape, but they are even better for staycations and pool parties! The best pool builder in Champaign, IL from Imperial Pools Inc has tips on how to throw a great pool party. We realize that when you have a pool you don’t really need much in order to have a party — just add bathing suits, really!

But if you want to amp it up a bit we have some entertaining ideas. There are many fun activities for your pool. Let’s face it, even jumping in from the side and hollering “cannonball!” is fun, right?

How to throw a great pool party

What can you do to entice friends and family to your pool party? Really all you have to say is, “we’re having a party, can we count you in?” Many of those friends may even offer to add to the party by bringing some games and even offering to chip in for food or bringing a dish to pass.

When you own a pool you have a party hot spot just waiting to happen. Add people and viola — it’s a party! Now add in some in-pool and out-of-pool games for the adults and the children and you’re making it even better. Toss in some food and beverages and maybe even a kiddie pool or two for those children who don’t want to go into the big pool and the party is family-friendly.

Your pool party can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. Call a few friends, ask them to bring a dish to pass and you have the makings of a party. Ask kids what kinds of games they want and get some pool noodles and some inflatable toys and basketball and volleyball and even croquet and corn hole.

If the party goes into the night, make sure you have a place for any of your guests who may have imbibed and aren’t safe to drive home — to spend the night. Also, once the sun goes down you might want to plan on hosting an outdoor movie complete with popcorn.

Give us a call and we will set up a pre-party pool service visit as well as an after-party visit. Having more people in the pool than you usually do will tend to get the water chemistry out of balance.

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