Things To Consider For Your Winter Pool Closing

Be sure your pool closing is completed correctly, and on time to prevent potential damage to your tools structures, surfaces, and equipment.

Check list of “must do’s” to keep your pool running until it is properly and professionally closed.

1) Pump all water off of your pool cover
2) Turn power on to your pool equipment
3) Set and maintain your water temperature of pool at a minimum of 65 degrees
4) Set out your winter cover on the pool deck or nearby to make it available for our pool technicians to install (applies to pools with a winter cover)
5) Provide access to the pool. Unlock gates to allow our technicians entry for the work they will perform.

When should I close my pool?

1. Depending upon weather, when we have a mild fall, some customers keep their pool open until the middle or late October. If so you must keep your pool pump operating to circulate the water especially during evening hours in the event of a freeze. Just in case it becomes unseasonably cold early in the fall, most customers begin closing their pools right after the Labor Day holiday weekend.

2. As the weather cools you will have to run your pool heater to prevent any freeze damage. There is a cost to run the heater but some want to enjoy the beauty of water in their yard for as long as possible. Of course, you have to also run the pump longer so the heater will have water to heat.

Note: We do not recommend you keep your pool or spa open all winter. Unless your pool is enclosed or purpose built for this application it should be closed during the winter months. Understand that it only takes one power failure and in minutes the water can begin to freeze.

What ever your choice, Imperial Pools Inc is here to service or close your pool when you are ready.


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