When we come to pay a service visit or when you’re talking with us about your swimming pool construction project, let us know, will your dog join you in the pool? If the answer is yes, we will work with you to make it as safe as possible for him and we will also urge you to invest in a pool ramp to help him get into and out of the pool safely.

Swimming pool owners do wonder whether the family pool is a place for Fido and the answer is, yes, if you’re cautious and if you’re willing to rinse him off before he gets into the water and after he gets out as well. You need to first know whether your dog wants to join you in the pool. Not all dogs like to swim and not all dogs care about being in the water — they may just want to relax poolside while you swim — proximity may mean more than being in the pool!

Let us know whether you will take Fido in the pool with you as it may impact the pool water chemistry.

Will your dog join you in the pool?

Here are questions to ask yourself before your dog jumps in the pool with you:

  1. Are you willing to have the dirt and debris in the pool water that your dog will inevitably bring in? Long haired dogs, especially, bring in dirt, bacteria and even grass and twigs. You may want to have a kiddie pool next to your pool so you can wash him off before he jumps in. You will also want to take time after he gets out to rinse the pool water and chlorine and chemicals from his fur and skin.
  2. Whatever your dog brings into the water — dirt and debris — will stay in the water because it’s a “closed system.” Whatever is brought into the water stays in the water for at least 24 hours until the entire pool water is turned over. You will need to empty the skimmer basket if your dog is joining you.
  3. If you know your dogs will be joining you let us know and we will recommend a large capacity pool filter that can accommodate dog hair.
  4.  We’d mentioned you will want a ramp added to the pool and you will need to train your dog to use it. Also, you will want to keep your dog from the sides of the pool as his nails can damage the pool — especially if you have a vinyl liner pool.
  5. Not all dogs like water. Don’t force him in. Put him in a pet life vest when he’s in the water so he stays safe.

Enjoy the water with your pup and enjoy it safely!