There comes a day in every swimming pool owner’s life when you have to ask” is it time to remodel your swimming pool? There are many reasons and many ways in which to remodel a pool and when the time comes you will want to talk with your swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pools to see what items would fit on a “must do” list and which would fit on a “would be nice to do” list.

Why do pool owners decide to remodel?

  1. To enhance the look of the pool
  2. To upgrade to newer equipment
  3. To add accessories
  4. To save money on pool operation
  5. To resurface a pool in a house you’ve just purchased to make the pool more like your own

Is it time to remodel your swimming pool?

Here are some things to think about when you’re considering a swimming pool remodel

  • Do you want a new pool finish? An acid wash will breathe new life into your gunite swimming pool. It makes the concrete white and new-looking. If you have a vinyl liner pool you may opt to install a new liner in a brighter, more interesting color or design.
  • Are there any safety issues you need to address? If you have a deck that has potential trip hazards you will want to address that in a pool remodel project. Is your fence still sturdy and safe? Do you want to upgrade and update your pool alarms or other safety measures? Is the main drain cover still firmly in place and intact.
  • Making an investment in a pool remodel as a way to save money. For example if you have a single speed pool pump, switching up to an variable speed pump is a definite first step in saving money. An energy efficient, variable speed pump can use almost 40% less energy than an aging, single speed pump.

The next time we pay a visit to your home, let’s take time to give your pool an inspection and we can discuss options for a pool remodel and ways in which you may be able to save money by upgrading certain pool equipment.