If you’re ready to go out for a swim you certainly don’t want to share the pool with bugs, Shudder! Why are there bugs in the swimming pool? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Decatur, Illinois get asked that question all the time. They do want to let you know that most of the bugs you will find in the pool are harmless, but that doesn’t mean they are welcome or that they aren’t gross!

Why do bugs get into the pool water?

  1. It’s sometimes warmer than the air
  2. They need to drink

Bugs you find in the pool will either swim on top, go underwater, do some of both, be belly or backswimmers. That sounds like a lot of bugs, but we usually find: water boatmen and backswimmers. Sure, other bugs will jump in for a swim and be unable to get out, but they may not be as popular in your pool as these two guys.

Why are there bugs in the swimming pool?

The water boatman bug is greenish brown, have large eyes, are around a half-an-inch long and are oval. These bugs have back legs that are longer than their other legs and if you get close enough you may see they are fringed with hair that helps them swim.

They love to eat water microorganisms and algae.

They don’t bite, they aren’t aggressive, but that doesn’t mean you want them in the pool.

If you see water boatmen you might want to test the water chemistry for algae spores because that is what their favorite food is. Keep in mind that these bugs will find algae and lay their eggs in it. Just because the pool algae hasn’t bloomed doesn’t mean it’s not there — lying dormant and waiting for the water chemistry to tip in just the right direction for it to grow. Give us a call and let’s get that pool cleaned.

The backswimmers are also small — about a half an inch. They have long back legs and fringed hairs to help them swim. They swim upside down — hence their name. They are long, thin and brownish in color. They have wings and do fly.

These bugs will eat other bugs and yes, they will eat the water boatmen! It’s a cycle — you have water boatmen because you have algae and you have backswimmers because you have water boatmen.

You will want to get rid of their food source which would be the water boatmen. This means you need to get rid of the algae and the best way to do that is to shock the pool water.

Get rid of the algae, get rid of water boatmen, get rid of backswimmers!

To keep the bugs out of the water, ensure the water chemistry is tested and kept balanced. Use a pool cover if you’re not in the pool. Vacuum and clean the pool.

Skim any bugs off the surface of the water as soon as you see them.

Give us a call if you’re being, um, bugged! We can help you out!