If you were looking to cut your budget or pour more into the pool construction than into the outdoor living space, you may be rethinking that the first summer. Why? Because you may find you’re spending as much time around the pool as you do in the pool.

When you have a pool you will want to kick back and relax and maybe watch your children frolic and then you may want to spend the warm summer nights enjoying time with friends than swimming. We have 4 poolside decorating ideas that will amp up the poolside fun. The pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc work with their customers to ensure the poolside space is as exciting as the pool itself.

For many people, relaxing poolside and listening to the water lapping along the sides of the pool. It’s a great way to relieve stress. You may also not want to be indoors cooking dinner when the heat of summer is upon you. Having an inviting outdoor living space is necessary.

4 poolside decorating ideas

Here are ideas to get you started on your pool side living space.

  • ¬†What’s the budget? When you know what you can spend you can talk with us and allocate money toward specific items. Do you want new furniture? A refrigerator? Sound system? Landscaping? A kitchen? Once you know what you want you can begin the design process. Even if you can’t afford to do it all at once, you will still want to have it plotted out so you can do portions of the project as the budget permits.
  • Adding lighting to the outdoor space and even in the pool itself.
  • New furniture? What do you want? Comfort? Style? Kid-friendly items? Covers you can remove and wash? Furniture that can be configured and reconfigured to accommodate more or fewer people.
  • Do you want a water feature as part of the outdoor living space? Like a hot tub or spa?

If you love your pool but want to get more enjoyment out of the poolside and outdoor living space, a renovation might be just what you want! Give us a call today!