What is the best place for your pool? Is it close to the house? In the middle of the yard? In a secluded corner of the yard? It’s a big decision and each siting idea brings with it unique challenges or advantages. Placing the pool close to the house means you won’t have to run a lot more plumbing and electricity. It will also mean you can keep a closer watch on the pool.

If you place the pool in the middle of the yard — what does that do to the rest of the usable yard space? If the pool is going into a secluded area of the yard, consider how much more it will cost for the running of plumbing and electricity. You will also be at a disadvantage of not being able to see the pool if it’s not in direct sight of the home. If you have a pool in the secluded space, you may want to invest in a camera system for security — something to consider.

A swimming pool will change the flow to the physical yard space and its usable space. Take time with the decision on where to put the pool. Talk with your pool contractor and ask for his advice. Also, ask your pool contractor from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Decatur, Illinois to show you various construction plans, especially with bird’s eye views, so you can get a good feeling for how the yard will work with the pool there.

We will let you know the nuances of zoning laws because those could impact where the pool can be constructed based on municipal zoning laws, property lines and setbacks. Constructing a swimming pool or spa – because it represents a major change to your property will require your obtaining building and zoning permits from the municipality.

What is the best place for your pool?

The weather where you live may help make your decision on where the pool will be placed. If you live where it is snowy and if you’re going to have a hot tub in your pool and want to use it year round — you may not want to trudge through the snow to get to the hot tub. Study the sun and wind patterns in the yard because that is your unique microclimate and will impact the amount of time you use your pool regularly.

Buildings, trees, neighbors’ houses and other landscaping in your yard could wreak havoc with the sun on your pool — too much or too little. You also need to ensure there isn’t so much wind blowing across your pool surface and that will cool the water if you heat it and will also speed up the rate of evaporation.

A north-south direction placement will give most swimming pools ideal sunshine for most hours of the day.

There are a myriad of items to consider when deciding where to have your pool placed. This is just one of the many things to think about when you’re talking with us about yoru pool project and we can help you with all of that!