Let’s ring in 2021 in a new way. Let’s say good-bye to 2020 and its coronavirus and all the changes the pandemic brought to our lives. Let’s look at how to celebrate New Year’s poolside so we can welcome in a new year in a new way and with a better outcome than any of us experienced in 2020!

The weather where you live will obviously have an impact on how much you can celebrate poolside this New Year’s but if you have a pool water heater and fire features and heated blankets you may just pull off the most interesting New Year’s tradition this year! Plan on watching the ball drop in Times Square at midnight with family in your outdoor living space!

You may not don bathing suits (unless you have a hot tub or spa or a heated swimming pool, you can still brush off the outdoor living space and start a new tradition. If this is the first year you will be hosting an outdoor New Year’s party, give everyone a heated blanket and even a new mug in which to enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows while you play board games and reminisce about the past year and set goals and intentions for the new year!

Let’s face it, there are times it’s nice to simply get out of doors — even if it’s chilly or snowing and start a new family tradition!

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois understand new traditions start with a clean pool or hot tub water. They also know new traditions begin because someone in the family had a vision to make it happen.

How to celebrate New Year’s poolside

  1. Hang oversized snowflakes, snowmen, 2021 numbers, top hats, champagne flutes and twinkle lights.
  2. If you have potted plants or pine trees on your outdoor living space, they can be arranged to act as windblocks.
  3. Decorate your potted plants and trees with a New Year’s Eve and New Year’s 2021 theme
  4. If you’re inviting friends and family make sure they know to dress for the weather.
  5. You may also want to supply them with brand new masks so everyone is safe while you celebrate. Being out of doors is safer than an indoor party, but you should still practice social distancing.
  6. Decorate tables with glitter or other non-glittery and easier-to-clean up decorations to make it festive.
  7. Invest in outdoor heaters or fire up the fire pits.
  8. Have additional blankets for your guests to cozy up in. Heated blankets are a great investment for the New Year’s party and for all other times when you want to be poolside and the weather is chilly
  9. Make some eggnog, hot cocoa and relax together.
  10. Chill the champagne or sparkling cider or water and have champagne flutes on hand to toast the new year.
  11. Start a new tradition of everyone writing down what they hope to have happen in the new year and put them into a mason jar. Gather together at the end of 2021 and see how many materialized. You can also write down what you’re grateful for this year and what you believe you will be grateful for in the new year and write those down, too.

Are you ready to start a new tradition with your family? If you want to swim or spend time in the hot tub, give us a call and get on our schedule so we can ensure the water is ready for the new tradition you’re starting!