With so many decisions to be made when you’re planning your swimming pool construction project, have you wondered what insurance is needed for your pool project? The insurance coverages required will protect you and your home and property during the construction as well as providing coverage once the pool is complete.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy and its coverage for a swimming pool are something you need to investigate before you sign on the dotted line for a new pool project the pool contractors from Imperial Pools, the best pool builders in Champaign, Illinois said.

What insurance is needed for your pool project?

A swimming pool contractor should come to you armed with his own insurance coverage that will not only protect him and his workers, but you and your property as well. If you’re going to upgrade or remodel your home, you would be in the same situation with any contractor you hire — for indoor or outdoor work.

You need to know that the contractor has coverage and that it is current. Having no, or not having enough, insurance can lead to legal and financial consequences far above the cost of your pool.  

Here is some information on insurance and your pool construction project.

  1. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not protect you if there are legal fees as a result of damage or injury that arises during the pool construction project. Talk with your insurance agent to let them know you’re having a pool constructed and to discover whether the pool will impact your coverages.
  2. Do you know whether you are fully insured? What kind of coverage and liability limits do you have on your property? You need to know whether any contractors on your property are covered or if they should have been protected by having their own insurance or being covered under the pool contractor.
  3. Ask the contractor what liability limits he carries and what type coverage you are provided under his policy.
  4. Ask for proof of insurance and call the agent yourself. A contractor could present you with a policy cover page but that doesn’t mean the policy is still in force.
  5. Will you be added to the contractor’s policy during the construction? He should add you to his contractor’s policy as an additional and named insured in order for you to be truly protected.

 While you certainly don’t want to distrust your pool contractor, you certainly need to be protected during the entire process.