There are swimming pools and then there are SWIMMING POOLS, the pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders explain. Water features for your swimming pool are what will set it apart from the neighbors or even from the original pool you had imagined or the one that came with your home. Adding water features to your swimming pool can be done during the initial swimming pool construction or you can add water features over time when the budget allows.

Water features for your swimming pool

Water features can transform your incredible swimming pool and can breathe new life into a tired swimming pool. The water features you add have the power to become the focal point of the swimming pool. Water features can enhance the pool’s ambiance, add to the aesthetics of the outdoor livnig space and can turn your pool and outdoor living area into a true staycation spot.
Here are water features to consider:
  • A waterfall. This adds romance and intrigue to your pool. You can also construct the waterfall so it pours over a hidden grotto with seating.
  • A water wall. These add a modern feel to your swimming pool.
  • Fountains. These are beautiful and can also be a place for children to play in. A fountain or two gives your pool a splash park feeling.
  • Adding a deck jet or bubbler feature gives the pool a feeling of whimsy and your children are certain to love it!
  • If you want to go from the pool to the hot tub, consider adding a spillover spa.
Talk with us about the type of water features will fit into your current pool and let’s uncover what you’re hoping for once the water features have been added. Many pool owners find that adding water features is a project they want to undertake either when children are moving out or if the children are getting older and want to have more ways in which to enjoy the swimming pool — and water features can certainly add to the fun!