The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders work with customers who are looking to become swimming pool owners. Part of the process is the customer, or family, who comes to the pool builders and lets them know they want a pool. That kicks off the process which involves many questions the pool contractor will have for the family and many answers to those questions the famiy may not have considered. There are upfront costs you will need to plan for but you may be wondering what costs should you plan for with your pool project that aren’t immediately evident.

It’s not as simple as asking a pool contractor, “How much will a pool cost?” Or telling a pool contractor that you want a pool, and can they “make it happen.” Investing in a swimming pool is likely one of the most costly investments a family will make in their property — after the home purchase itself.

What costs should you plan for with your pool project?

You will need to factor in:

  1. The type of building material
  2. The size
  3. The placement
  4. The accessories
  5. The type of soil the contractor will have to excavate
  6. The plumbing and electrical that will need to be run
  7. Many others

Many potential pool owners think that once they’ve decided on the pool, the materials from which it will be built and the accessories, that they have all the money issues addressed and the project will move forward. In one way, that is true, in another, there is more work that needs to be done.

Here are some costs you need to talk with your pool contractor about before you sign a contract:

  1.  How much lawn and landscaping around the pool will cost
  2. What the pool fence will cost
  3. How much it will cost to hault the dirt away that has been excavated
  4. How much the additional concrete will cost if they opt for a deck or patio area
  5. How much it will cost to run, and hook up, the electrical
  6. How much it will cost to have retaining walls — not all projects need them, but you want to be prepared in case yours does
  7. Don’t forget to factor in increases in utility bills and the cost of ongoing maintenance and service of the pool