How to update your backyard and poolside, Imperial Pools Contractors offer tips

There are many ways you can update your backyard and the area surrounding your swimming pool that makes the area more useful and better able to be used for more months of the year. If you’re wondering how to update your backyard and poolside area, the pool contractors from Imperial Pools offer ideas on items to consider in a backyard pool remodeling and renovation project. Many of these items will help extend the amount of time you spend around your pool once summer is over.

 How to update your backyard and poolside

Add a fire feature. Not only will a fire feature help add to the literal warmth around the swimming pool, it will also add to the beauty of the area. A fire pit placed poolside is a way to add light, heat and to the aesthetics of the landscaping. Your fire feature can blend in with the home’s decor or be an entity unto itself. If you are looking for a fire feature that will allow you to cook over top of it, ask us which will work best.

Hot tub or spa. When you add a hot tub or spa to one end of your swimming pool or as a stand alone in your yard, you are extending the amount of time you can spend in the pool after summer is over.

Pool heater. A pool heater is an ideal way to keep the water at a level that is comfortable for swimming even when the days and nights have cooled off. Ask us for advice on the various types of heaters, how efficient they are and what it might cost to run one to heat your unique pool.

Furniture and blankets. Light the fire in the fire pit, get comfy with family and friends and cozy up under some blankets with pillows, your favorite snacks and movies and enjoy the outdoor living space, regardless of the time of year.