Pool owners: Talk to your insurance agent, Imperial Pool Builders explain

Trick question: What is one of the first things you should do when you decide you want a family swimming pool? Find a pool contractor? No! Talk to your insurance agent. The pool builders from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois say that pool owners need to talk to their insurance agent to assure they will have proper coverage once the pool is constructed. You don’t want to get a pool only to find out your insurance company will not provide homeowner’s insurance because of it, right?

Having adequate and correct insurance coverage that encompasses the pool and any potential liability is a crucial aspect you need to have addressed in your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Pool owners: Talk to your insurance agent

We have heard from potential pool owners that their insurance company will not extend coverage to them if they have a swimming pool constructed — this is not something you want to find out once the project has been started. You need to know whether there will be an increase in your insurance premium, whether you need to increase your liability coverage and how the pool itself will be covered in the event of damage. You need to call your insurance agent and request a quote based on the pool you want to have built.

A homeowner’s insurance policy covers you for liability in the event someone sues you and it provides coverage for damage to the home itself and the personal property inside the home and on the premises. The pool would be considered a “separate structure” on your policy. Ask your insurance agent how much coverage you will have for the pool and what is included and excluded from coverage. For example you may, or may not, be covered for freeze damage or if a tree falls into the pool. You want to know so you’re not surprised if something happens to the pool.

Consider adding additional liability coverage in the event someone gets hurt in the pool. Your insurance agent may recommend an “umbrella policy” which provides coverage — typically up to or more than $1 million on top of your original liability coverage.

After you’ve found out what your insurance policy will cover, you will want to make certain that the pool bulder with whom you’re contracting has proper insurance in place before he begins construction. He will help you secure permits for the construction project and you will want to ask him for a copy of his insurance policy. Work with a pool contractor who is bonded and insured.

When putting together the budget for your pool, ask yourself this about other associated costs:

  1. Will the homeowner’s insurance increase? How much?
  2. How much liability insurance should you get and what is its cost?
  3. Should the pool accessories and your pool fence be covered? If so, how much will that cost and will your insurance agent provide that coverage?

Owning a swimming pool is an exciting time, but you need to prepare for it and make certain you’re protected.