Is this the year that you give your swimming pool a facelift? Have you ever looked at someone else’s pool and wondered how to transform your pool deck to be even more beautiful or to be as beautiful as their deck is? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois can help with that.

Whether you’re undergoing a complete remodel, a deck upgrade only or if you’re having a new pool installed, there are ways to transform your pool deck so it is as beautiful as the pool itself.

Transform your pool deck

Tiles, pavers and even different types of wood or concrete can transform the look of the pool and enhance its beauty. Remember that you will spend as much time around the pool –maybe more — than you do in the pool so having a beautiful deck should be considered part of the overall pool construction project.

Examples of decking material include:

  1. Concrete
  2. Manufactured aggregate
  3. Natural stone

Pool tiles need to be slip resistant. Look for tiles that are unique to your pool and your lifestyle. Tiles come in varius shapes and sizes, colors nd styles. Tile is durable, affordable and classically beautiful.

Going natural with stone is easy to maintain and elevates the deck and offers it sophistication and elegance. Natural stone is unique because of the variations in the stone colors and shapes. If you have a natural pool or one that has a natural rock waterfall, stone decking makes sense.

Natural stones are beautiful, but more expensive than are manufactured stones. Talk with us about using manufactured stones in place of natural stone. Sandstone and limestone are two manufactured stones from which to choose.

Pavers are interlocking decking materials and give the area the look of brick. Pavers are ideal no matter what shape your pool is or even what area of the country in which you live. Pavers allow for drainage and aren’t overly impacted by moisture (ideal for snowy climates)

Talk with us and ask us for a rendering of what your pool and deck area would look like with the different types of deck materials. Extend the deck toward the out door living space and you’ve amped up the beauty and tied the entire look together.