Is it time to remodel your backyard swimming pool area? It is time for an outdoor living space upgrade? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools offers up some tips for remodeling poolside when you’re happy with the pool itself, but just want a bit of a change to the backyard landscaping and living space. There are myriad ways to upgrade the area surrounding the swimming pool to make the area more useful. The pool contractors from Imperial Pools offer ideas to consider in a potential backyard remodeling and renovation.

Tips for remodeling poolside

  1. Fire features. The addition of a fire feature adds warmth in both literal and figurative ways. You can warm up around a fire feature and having a fire feature burning while you’re poolside adds ambiance and beauty. A lit fire feature, placed poolside, adds light as well.
  2. Hot tub or spa. Granted, this is an extensive, and potentially expensive proposition, but adding a new hot tub or spa to one end of the pool or as a stand alone structure on your porch or deck adds to the time you and your family spend together in the out of doors.
  3. Pool heater. When your pool contractor adds a pool heater you can swim earlier in the morning, later at night and longer during the season. What’s not to love? Make certain you understand the styles that are available and what makes the most sense for your family.
  4. Furniture and blankets. Light the fire in the fire pit, get comfy with family and friends and cozy up under some blankets with pillows, your favorite snacks and movies and enjoy the outdoor living space, regardless of the time of year.
  5. Trees, shrubbery, a gazebo or other outdoor structure. You can add potted plants that you can move to various locations to change up the look of the outdoor living space. You can strategically plant trees that can offer shade as well as privacy. If you have the budget, consider building a gazebo or pool house.

If you love your pool but are feeling so-so on your outdoor living space, why not kick off a poolside remodeling project this year? Give us a call and let’s get started!