Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign & Decatur Illinois say, ’tis the season to get a hot tub! Why? Well, when the summer sun has faded to autumn and winter, time spent in a hot tub is time spent warming up, relaxing and unwinding all while taking the chill out of your bones.

If you, like most pool owners, love the time spent in the pool and feel sad when you have to close the pool for the sesaon, take heart… if you have a hot tub, that is! Continuing to spend time in the water is possible with a hot tub. You can have a stand alone style or you can talk with us and have us construct your hot tub adjacent to your pool or as part of the pool in a swim-up style. Either way, you can soak in the hot tub even if the pool is closed.

‘Tis the season to get a hot tub!

Shopping for a hot tub? Here are questions to consider and answer before you make a purchase.

  1. Where do you want it placed? As mentioned, you can have a stand-alone or one part of your existing pool?
  2. Swim up style. Do you want a swim-up hot tub that allows you to go from the pool to the hot tub without getting out of the water? Even with this style you can use it during the winter months even if you close the pool.
  3. Inside or outside. Indoor hot tubs are an option, but require interior planning to make it happen — you don’t want to have a hot tub in a room that isn’t ventilated welll enough to eliminate mold or mildew.

Talk with us for your hot tub installation. Here is what you will want to know before you give us a call. Or if you’re not sure, we can explain what needs to be considered:

  • What’s your budget? This will determine the size of the hot tub.
  • What style jets and where do you want them located?
  • How many people will typically use the hot tub? This will help determine the seating and seating arrangements.
  • Why do you want to get a hot tub? Relaxation? Stress relief? Therapeutic reasons? A combination of all of them? Answering those questions narrows down the type and hot tub style and type of jets.
  • Plan for the hot tub cover purchase when you’re buying the hot tub — not as an afterthought.

A hot tub is ideal for year-round use and we’ll bet if you get one you’ll feel the same!