You don’t have to be allergic to bees or wasps in order to want them away from your pool and outdoor living space. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Champaign, Illinois offer tips for keeping the bees away.

The reason bees are drawn to your pool is because it’s wet AND if you’re eating outside you could drop food and that will lure in the bees as well as the ants.

Tips for keeping the bees away

Don’t let the summer bees and wasps ruin your good time. Try these:

  1. Offer bees and other stinging, crawling and biting insects an alternative water source.
  2. Use dryer sheets. This is one of those old wive’s tales that some people swear by and others say it doesn’t work. Grab a few dryer sheets and put them in pretty containers around the outdoor living space and your pool. If nothing else they will smell lovely!
  3. Call an insect company or a bee keeper. You don’t want to harm bumble bees as they are so beneficial to the environment.
  4. If there are wasps — those are a different deal altogether. They don’t bring a lot to the environment and they do sting and it hurts. A bee keeper will help you out. Raw meat will also draw wasps away from the poolside. Put some raw meat on a plate and put it far away from the pool and hopefully the wasps will leave the pool and eat the meat. Don’t leave the meat out to rot though because that is unsanitary and will draw other insects.
  5. Keep sugary foods and drinks away from the pool. If any drinks get spilled, clean up the mess immediately.

Being outdoors means you are invading the territory of the bees and wasps so move them away from the pool to keep you and your family safe from potential stings.