Swimming pools are fun. Swimming pools can be costly. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc in Decatur, Illinois have some surprising pool maintenance hacks that can save time and money. Pool maintenance can be time-consuming for those pool owners who are not well-versed in pool care, but you can take care of that by hiring a pool maintenance pro.

Give us a call and we can teach you how to DIY pool maintenance or we can do it for you so when you have free time you can just be free to swim!

Surprising pool maintenance hacks

Try some of these hacks.

  1. Toss in a tennis ball! No, you’re not getting Fido to fetch it! A tennis ball can draw in body oils and chemicals that people who use your pool bring in with them. Don’t use a tennis ball that Fido has been gnawing on!
  2. Backing soda helps the pool maintain its pH levels. It is less expensive than alkalinity increasing agents you buy in a pool store.
  3. Clean the pool water line regulalry — before you see the calcium line build up. Just like in your swimming pool or shower, the line and dirt show up after it’s built up over time and it is harder to clean.
  4. Clean the pool filters often. The filter keeps dirt and debris from the water by capturing them and not allowing them to get back into the water — this is made possible by keeping the filters clean.
  5. Don’t let the pool chemicals get out of balance because that will cost you more money to get them back in balance. The hack is, test the water frequently.

The next time we pay a service visit, ask us about more pool hacks to keep the pool water clean, bacteria-free and always swimmable.

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