You and your family want a swimming pool BUT the yard isn’t that large. Do you want to devote the entire outdoor space to a swimming pool? Should you get a lap pool? That is a question you should be asking yourself and the swimming pool contractors from the Best Pool Builder in Champaign, Illinois — Imperial Pools. A lap pool fills the function of having your own swimming pool while allowing you to keep backyard space in which to enjoy yourself and entertain when you’re not in the pool.

Swimming is not only a great form of exercise, but it is a great way for you and your family to spend time with one another without being in front of a screen! A lap pool is thinner and could be shorter than a traditional sized swimming pool but still offers as much fun as a full sized pool.

Should you get a lap pool?

Before you can decide if you want a lap pool you need to know what it is. As mentioned, it is a thinner, perhaps shorter version of a traditional pool. They are typically just a lap/single lane design and may seem utilitarian, but if you want to save space and still have a pool, this is ideal.

There are ways to set your lap pool apart and add to its aesthetic beauty. Consider this:

  1. Lap pools are typically 40 feet long. They are about eight to ten feet wide.
  2. Yes, you could still have a pool party in a lap pool
  3. It is definitely a small-yard solution for those wanna-be pool owners.
  4. Use distinctive paver stones to construct a deck. Chances are you will want a low profile deck so it doesn’t overwhelm the pool.
  5. Don’t forget about the outdoor space that will surround the pool. Amp up its appeal through the use of furniture, plants or even a canopy or draped linen curtains. A trellis offers a space for climbing plants and can also act as a privacy barrier.

Lap pools give homeowners with small yards or even those with large yards who want to keep the yard space available for other outdoor living space the opportunity to have a family pool. Give us a call, even if you thought your yard was too small for a pool — a lap pool might be just what you need!