Have you ever wondered how to continue enjoying your patio this fall instead of having to move all of your living and lifestyle back indoors? The swimming pool contractors from the best pool builder in Decatur, Illinois have tips that will allow you to continue your outdoor living – as long as you bundle up!

Hot tub owners know that autumn and winter are the most enjoyable times to be in the hot tub or spa. The heat of the water warms you through and through and it’s a luxury being in the heated water after being in the cool night or day air.

Being in the hot tub or even swimming in a heated pool is great, but if you don’t have a hot tub or heated pool water you may want to find other ways to enjoy the outdoor space long after the pool’s closed.

How to continue enjoying your patio this fall

  1. Bring on the space heaters! Look for space heaters that are specifically designed for outdoor use. These heaters can thoroughly warm up your outdoor living area, especially if you rearrange the furniture into a cozy set up to “trap” the heat.
  2. Fire pits and other fire features add beauty and warmth to the outdoor space and help you enjoy it longer.
  3. Bring on the warm blankets!  Have plenty of warm blankets to keep guests warm while they’re sitting outside. Invest in heated blankets and those “airplane” blankets that will warm you by the heat of your own body.
  4. Put down a carpet or rug to keep the cool from seeping up into your feet.
  5. Arrange the furniture and moveable potted plants or hang blankets or other items to keep the wind at bay. Blocking the wind will help keep the outdoor living space cozy and warm. You may even want to consider a tented space or gazebo with a “roof” to trap the heated air as well.

There are those days in the autumn and even in winter when breathing in the bracing cool air while being cozy and warm with family and friends, drinking hot cocoa are great ways to enjoy time outdoors.