Getting a new pool this year? Should you get a fiberglass pool? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders in Champaign, Illinois answer all the time when they’re talking with potential swimming pool owners.

There are three building materials for swimming pools:

  1. Concrete
  2. Fiberglass
  3. Vinyl liner

Fiberglass pools are popular. Many families opt for staycations and having their own fiberglass swimming pool is a way to feel like you’re on vacation every weekend and after work during the week. Fiberglass pools are considered one of the easiest swimming pool construction materials to maintain and they are middle of the road as it relates to price. 

Should you get a fiberglass pool?

What are some of the benefits of owning a swimming pool — of any construction material — and what is involved in pool care: 

  1. Regardless of the type of pool construction material, the pool needs to be cleaned regularly. Leaving bugs, debris and leaves in the water leads to bacteria and algae growth. Skim out debris frequently. Vacuum at least once a week. 
  2. Your pool can get stained if metal levels in the water exceed normal levels. If you notice any reddish-brown stains, this means the iron levels in the water are too high. Blue-green stains indicate high levels of copper. Gray stains mean high levels of magnesium. If you see staining talk to your swimming pool service professional advice on cleaning the stains and preventing them in the future. Better yet hire a pool service contractor so you don’t have to worry about improperly balanced water chemistry. 
  3. With a fiberglass swimming pool, avoid using stiff-bristled brushes to avoid scratching the walls and floors. Each pool material has unique brushing and cleaning agents. 
  4. Run the filter and the pool pump. You will want to run the pump up to twelve hours per day, especially in the summer when there is a high swimmer load. 
  5. Use a swimming pool cover when not swimming. A cover will keep the water from evaporating and keep the pool cleaner. If you invest in a safety pool cover you will get the previous two benefits in addition to being a layer of safety to keep anyone from falling into the water. 

When you’re planning for your swimming pool project, talk with us to gain a complete understanding of all of the benefits and potential drawbacks of each type of pool construction material. Give us a call today.