Should the pool be constructed at the same time the house is? You may think that doing these two huge projects in conjunction with one another would be overwhelming, but it might be just the opposite. The contractors can work hand in hand, the home inspectors and building and code enforcement officers could be involved at the same time. You may also have an easier time securing the necessary permits when you do it all at once.

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, the best pool builder in Champaign, Illinois, explain how it might be easier to have both major projects done in conjunction.

Should the pool be constructed at the same time the house is?

Efficient construction just might save you money on overall construction prices. The pool contractor and the home contractor will be able to coordinate projects so there is no issue with heavy equipment, for example, and the heavy equipment operators might be able to work on both projects so you’re not paying for the equipment operators two times.

There will need to be electricians and plumbers involved in a home project AND a pool project and you could work with the same crew and be assured the projects for both go seamlessly.

Landscapers for the home and the pool will have an idea, from the beginning of what is going where and will be able to landscape accordingly. This could help save money later if you have to remove trees or add grading to accommodate the pool.

If you know you want a pool at the site of your newly constructed home, talk with your home contractor and find a pool contractor and get them coordinated and working together. You may just have access to your new home and your new pool at the same time!

Give us a call if you’re considering a new home project and also want a pool. We can help you realize the dream of a beautiful pool with your new home.