Out of sight, out of mind? That may be the case for much of your outdoor living space, but it shouldn’t be for your swimming pool. Why? Because your pool requires some care even when you’re not swimming. How to care for the pool in winter is something the pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois talk with their customers about.

You have taken steps and had us close your pool properly for the season, but please don’t forget it about it during the off season. Winter care certainly doesn’t involve much, but it does involve taking a walk to the backyard and checking on it on occasion, especially after a rain or snow storm or a thaw.

How to care for the pool in winter

Make yourself a note on the calendar: “check the pool today” at least once a month. Also make a note to check the pool after a heavy snow, especially if that is followed by a quick thaw.

Here are pool care tips:

  1. If there is a marked increase in the temperature during the winter ask us whether you should add a mid-winter algaecide. If the temperatures rise, algae could take growth beneath the cover and leave a mess when it comes time to open the pool.
  2. Check the tree branches around the swimming pool. If they get laden with snow, is there a risk they could go crashing through the pool cover, damage it and potentially damage the pool itself? Trim back branches before winter settles in.
  3. Brush the snow off the pool cover after a heavy snow fall.
  4. Check the pool cover for melted snow and ice and if there is standing water, use a shopvac to remove it. Resist any urge to life off hunks of ice on the cover. Never use a shovel to remove snow from the cover.
  5. Is the pool cover still firmly in place? If there are windy days, you will want to go check and tighten it down if any of the ends are loose and flapping.

If you’re a first time pool owner, give us a call and we can give you a more thorough list of winter pool care items to address.