If you’re looking for a way to save money — even if it’s only pennies — and those pennies add up! You will want to add pool timers to as many pieces of your pool equipment as possible. How can you save money by adding pool timers? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools Inc. in Decatur, IL explain the many benefits of these low-cost items.

Adding timers to your swimming pool and spa adds convenience as well as money-saving benefits. Timers allow you to ensure the timers and filters and pumps turn on at specific times and more importantly, turn off at specific times. Also when you use a timer you don’t have to remember whether you turned the equipment on that day or not.

Running the pump and filter during the overnight may cost you less because utility costs are typically lower during the overnight. Using a timer will let you set it and forget it and save money. Or you may want to run all the cleaning cycles during the day when you’re away and that allows the pool to be ready for you to use when you get home at night.

Additionally, if you set your pool timer to turn on lights or fountains you can set the mood and heighten the ambiance around your swimming pool before you even jump in.

Ask us about the options when it comes to timers for your pool or spa. There are electronic timers that have digital readouts. These timers are energy efficient as well as they only use a minuscule amount of electricity. These timers are usually safe to leave around water because the voltage that flows through it is low enough that it won’t likely cause shocks.

Save money by adding pool timers

A twist timer – similar to an egg timer – is useful for your hot tub or sauna as a way to limit the amount of time you’re soaking. The timer will turn off the jets at a set time. When you’re in the hot tub or spa you should make certain you aren’t in for too long because you can become dehydrated.

If you’ve made the decision to install a timer, talk to us about the best type for your unique situation and we can give advice as well as install and set up the timers for you. If you take on the installation on your own, make certain that the electricity is turned off to the pool or spa and make certain the ON/OFF switch on the timer itself is turned to OFF. The timer will likely come with installation instructions but they involve screwing the wires to the terminals of the appliance, setting the timer and you’re ready to go.

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