It’s time to own your own swimming pool, right? If you’re wondering how to pay for your 2023 pool project the best swimming pool builders from Imperial Pools, Inc in Champaign, Illinois have tips to help you set your budget. When you have a swimming pool, you have to think about construction costs, ongoing maintenance and service costs and increases to your home’s utility bills, but at the end of the day, there is nothing better than owning your own swimming pool.

When you work with our experienced swimming pool contractors we can help you come up with a budget for your project or we can work with you on the budget you have already set to show you how much pool you can get for your money.

It’s no secret that the cost of installation for a swimming pool can run in the tens of thousands of dollars, but don’t forget to budget for your outdoor living area as well as increases in utility bills and costs for maintenance.

How to pay for your 2023 pool project

Here are a few costs to consider.

  • What size and shape do you want for your pool?
  • What construction material have you always thought you wanted? The material from which it will be constructed will have a major impact on the costs of the pool project. We can explain the unique nuances, benefits and potential drawbacks of the various building material types: (fiberglass, concrete/gunite, or vinyl liner).
  • Are there any pool accessories you truly feel you cannot live without in your pool? Accessories such as a diving board, slide, beach entry, sun shelves, fountains or rock waterfalls or even a hot tub or spa built in. These all add beauty to your swimming pool, but they also add to the costs.
  • Don’t forget the costs of construction permits and licensing your municipality may charge. Look for a swimming pol contractor who is well versed on the potential costs of these permits and potential inspection charges.
  • Costs associated with the installation of filtering systems, heating, lighting, running electricity to the swimming pool, sanitation equipment and other pool items necessary for the operation of your pool. Some of these items may be included in the initial swimming pool cost, others may be considered add-ons, ask your swimming pool builder for a complete breakdown of pricing so you don’t have any financial surprises.
  • Will your homeowner’s insurance costs go up if you get a pool? Will your insurer still provide coverage if you get a pool? Make certain you know the answer to those questions before you sign on the dotted line for your pool.
  • The cost of excavation and landscaping may be considered additional costs or may be part of your swimming pool builder’s estimate, either way, you need to be certain.

There is no better time than the present to give us a call and start planning for your 2023 swimming pool project!

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