Is your pool safe for nighttime swimming? Do you have a deep end in the pool and is it awfully dark if you want to swim after the sun has gone down? Do you worry about a child, pet or adult getting into the deep end of the pool and you’re not being able to see them? These are reasons to add swimming pool lighting.

The swimming pool contractors in Champaign, Illinois at Imperial Pools Inc. explain that safety is surely a consideration for pool lighting, but in pool lighting also adds to the ambiance of the time spent in the pool. Aesthetic appeal notwithstanding, pool lighting is a necessary part of a pool project because it makes it safer, more fun place to play.

In addition to in-pool lighting, you also want the lighting to illuminate pathways to the pool and you can take lighting to another level that adds to and enhances the pool lighting and helps set the mood for your outdoor living space.

Reasons to add swimming pool lighting

Swimming pool lighting falls into three categories:

  1. General, shedding light on the pool deck and paths
  2. Underwater, nice to have when swimming after dark and for creating interesting nighttime light effects
  3. Accent, adds atmosphere to the pool setting. Accent lighting can be used to highlight trees and pushes or other architectural features for your yard.

Consider where the electrical outlets are when you’re talking about in pool and poolside lighting as that will add to the cost of the installation. Consider, too wireless or solar lights. Fiber optic lighting is also popular; these lights don’t carry electrical currents and the fibers of light move through cables and offer a wide range of colors and styles.

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