Are you ready to upgrade and/or update your swimming pool? Is it time to get a diving board or slide? Some pool owners believe that adding one, or both, of these accessories will add to the fun of the pool and it’s true. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Decatur, Illinois explain they are fun to have, but they need to be properly planned for and used responsibly.

There are specific building costs that need to be adhered to when you want to add a diving board or slide to the pool. Your pool may not meet those regulations and you may need to forego the idea of one, or both, but ask us and we can let you know if your pool qualifies.

If your pool meets the requirements for a diving board or slide in your area, we can work with you to get it installed. As a general rule, a swimming pool must be at least eight and a half feet deep, twenty-eight feet long and fifteen feet wide to accommodate a small diving board. The dimensions of the slide you can have installed depend on the height of the slide you want to have installed. The rule of thumb is — the higher the slide, the deeper the water must be. a straight slide requires more poolside space than a curved slide — something to keep in mind.

Is it time to get a diving board or slide?

We can install a slide at your pool in a relatively short amount of time and you will usually be able to use it the afternoon after we’ve started the installation. We will need to drill holes into the deck, put the legs into poured concrete, attach the slide and let the concrete cure.

Fastened by holes drilled into the deck and the legs are then set in concrete, or

Diving boards are typically constructed of wood and covered in fiberglass to add a water-resistant surface. The diving board also needs to have a nonskid surface — akin to sandpaper. Look for a diving board that is between six and twelve feet long, and eighteen inches wide. You can choose diving boards with different “bounces” as well as length.

When you get a slide or diving board, we will inspect both for safety sake when we pay a service visit.

Pool safety, as always, needs to be front of mind. When adding a diving board or a slide, stress the importance of safety in and around the pool at all times.