Summer has passed and your swimming pool has either already been closed for the season or it will be closed very soon. Now that you have time to step back do you think you’re ready for a pool remodel? You could undertake a major swimming pool remodel or a simple one. Here are some steps for how to plan for your swimming pool remodel and the first step is to call your pool builder from Imperial Pools to make a list of “must-dos” as compared to “want-to-dos” and see what your budget will accommodate.

Plan for your swimming pool remodel

  1. Is the swimming pool equipment outdated? If so, it could be costing you more money to operate your pool than it would to replace aging equipment with more energy efficient models. Ask us how long you can expect before you get a return on your investment with updating pool equipment.
  2. You may want to upgrade to more automatic devices for pool care such as adding an automatic vacuum cleaning device or a robotic pool cleaning system. Automation will also allow you to turn the pool pump and other equipment on and off and to turn the pool lights on and off, among other items.
  3. Add accessories to your pool to give it a new look and feel and amp up the fun. You can add lighting, a fountain, a waterfall, a diving board or a slide. Go big by adding a hot tub or spa into one end of the pool.
  4. Invest in a stand alone hot tub or spa.
  5. Upgrade your pool deck or add a pool house or remodel your existing outdoor living area.

If it’s time for a complete swimming pool remodel that could include changing the vinyl liner, acid washing the concrete pool deck or replacing the pool plaster, you can have the project started now so when the next swim season rolls around your pool will be ready and waiting for you. A swimming pool remodel is also something you may want to do immediately if you’ve purchased a home with an existing swimming pool. Doing this will make the pool uniquely your own.