We know. We know. No one wants to think about off-season swimming pool prep, but depending on where you live, Labor Day usually marks the end of summer and the end of the swimming season. Although in the coronavirus pandemic era, swimming pool season and even the “end of summer” are fluid as who knows whether children are going back to school or adults are going back to work? It all seems up in the air.

With that said, though there will likely come a day when even your swimming pool water heater won’t keep the pool water warm and comfortable enough to enjoy without chattering teeth. When that occurs, you will probably bid a fond farewell to your trust swimming pool until the 2021 swim season.

With Labor Day peeking around the corner, you may want to give your pool service contractor from Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign & Decatur, IL a call and get on the schedule for a pool closing. Until that happens though we have some autumn swimming pool maintenance tips to keep the pool open and fun!

Not many pool owners are ready to say good-bye to the family pool, but you may want to consider getting these tasks on your schedule in the future:

  • Wash inflatables like rafts and beach balls. Dry thoroughly. Deflate. Store safely for the winter.
  • Be diligent with the skimming of the pool, especially if you’re not using a pool cover. Don’t let leaves fall into the pool and sink to the bottom; they can discolor the pool and lead to algae.
  • Inspect your winter pool cover to make sure it’s up to the task

Off-season swimming pool prep

Give us a call to schedule the end of summer pool closing. Get on the schedule before we fill up and you can’t get the day you want. Although, with social distancing and CDC recommendations on touchless service delivery, we don’t even need to see one another to do a pool closing. We prefer in-person and face-to-face contact, but we want to be diligent in keeping everyone safe — you and our staff.

If you’re new to pool ownership and don’t know what happens when a pool is closed for the winter, here are a few of the items we will do on your behalf.

  • The pool is thoroughly and deeply cleaned
  • The filter basket and skimmer basket are removed and cleaned
  • The pool water level is lowered prior to the closing
  • The filter is removed and cleaned.
  • Equipment is serviced and removed or covered for winter.
  • Algaecide will be poured in.
  • Chemicals will be added to protect pool water during the off season
  • The cover is put on after floats are added to prevent the water from being able to thoroughly freeze

Decide when you want to close your pool for the season and give us a call! You don’t have to be a customer of ours to call for a pool closing — we can help you out with occasional tasks like this.