How to choose the best pool water temperature is a topic that is hotly (see what we did there!) debated. What is perfect for you, may not be perfect for your significant other and that temperature may not be great for your children. What is a pool owner to do?

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois have some guidelines on what might make the “best” pool water temperature. Is there an ideal pool water temp for the pool and for the swimmers? Is it a personal preference? The answer is a resounding… maybe.

As a baseline, a competitive swimmer will find water temperatures between 78-82 degrees, but that may not be comfortable for someone who isn’t racing from end to end of the pool.

Swimming pool owners who live in areas of the country that are facing triple-digit or high double-digit temperatures will probably not be installing a pool heater, but for those in areas where the temps aren’t high enough to comfortably heat the water, a pool heater can assist with that.

How to choose the best pool water temperature

There are factors to consider if you are going to heat your pool water, either with a solar cover or a pool water heater.

  1. When you raise the water temperature it may impact the pool maintenance schedule. Higher water temps increase evaporation and that can lead to a quicker build up of dissolved solids.
  2. A higher temp can burn off sanitizer more quickly and bacteria and algae grow at faster rates in higher temperatures.
  3. Because of the heat from the water, scale forms more quickly in the water because of the “saturation index.”
  4. If you use your pool for exercise, it can tire you out and may not be as comfortable as water that is a bit lower in temp.

Whether you use a pool water heater or a solar cover or a combination, seasonal weather will impact the temps. As a side note, your family and friends may not even notice if you drop the temperature by a degree or two!

Give us a call if you want to install a water heater and if you have installed one, be prepared for a bit of a difference in your pool maintenance schedule.