Your swimming pool might be the focal point of the backyard. Landscaping is functional and beautiful poolside and because you will be spending time poolside — you should consider the various aspects of your landscaping plan with talking with the best pool builder in Champaign, Illinois.

When the swimming pool was constructed you may not have considered how much time you will spend around the pool as compared to in the pool. Now that you’ve had the pool for a while you may be considering a landscaping upgrade and update. Because time spent around the pool is where you will be hosting parties and friends and family will need to have seating and shade, landscaping will provide the latter.

We can either do your landscaping or we can give you a recommendation on a landscaping professional with whom we have worked. You need to make certain that any trees or shrubbery planted will not have creeping roots that could damage pool plumbing or the pool structure itself. A landscaper experienced with swimming pools is your best choice for a contractor.

Landscaping, that includes plants as well as an outdoor kitchen or fire features and seating areas can add to the enjoyment of the outdoor living space and add to the resale value of your home.

Landscaping is functional and beautiful poolside

What should you think about when landscaping.

  1. Run off and drainage. Don’t plant anything without making certain none of the run off will drain into the swimming pool.
  2. Consider the way the wind blows. Plant to add a windbreak as this will help slow the rate of evaporation of the pool water.
  3. Plant only trees and shrubbery that don’t have creeping roots.
  4. Plant trees that won’t be dropping leaves or sap into the pool or on the deck. You also don’t want trees to be a magnet for birds and bees.
  5. Do you want the landscape to be a theme?
  6. Do you want to be able to rearrange and change the look of the landscaping? If so, use moveable planters and other items that allow you to change the look and feel and flow of the backyard space.
  7. Do you want to shade the pool or keep it open to the sun? This is a long-term consideration because as the trees get larger, you could lose sun and that might impact the enjoyment of the pool and the temperature of the water.

If you want to make some changes to your landscaping, give us a call or let’s chat during our next service visit. Don’t worry we are wearing masks and will be socially distancing as we talk and as we clean your pool.