There are many reasons to turn the reins of pool service over to a professional. Is it time to hire a pool service contractor? Whether you’ve asked yourself that at the beginning of the season or if you’re pondering it now, the swimming pool contractors from the best pool builder in Decatur, Illinois know there are a myriad of reasons including:

  1. It usually costs less to have a pro do it
  2. You don’t have to store dangerous chemicals
  3. You will free up your free time for swimming, not just pool cleaning
  4. You aren’t as diligent as you should be with the cleaning
  5. You’re willing to do the daily skimming and water testing, but you’re not comfortable with the weekly deep cleaning
  6. A pool professional will also regularly inspect the pool equipment to assure that it is all in top tip shape and working order

A swimming pool is fun BUT it is a LOT of work!

Swimming pool owners and swimming pool professionals will tell you that a pool requires almost daily care, cleaning, water testing, debris skimming and more.

Is it time to hire a pool service contractor

There is no one best time to hire a pool service contractor. It is a personal decision that may have been made from day one or you may have decided now, after having had the pool for some time, that you just want to turn it over to the pros. When you hire a swimming pool service professional, he or she will visit your home at regular intervals — as set up in your contract — will test the water, fill the pool if necessary, clean skimmer baskets, brush and vacuum the pool, inspect pool equipment and more. A pool professional may be able to spot an issue with the pool and if there are leaks or other problems before you might have noticed it.

Ask your friends and family and other pool owners whether they are saving money by hiring a pool contractor and many of them will say that they have. The main reason for the savings is that an experienced pool pro is better versed at getting the chemistry right the first time. An inexperienced pool owner will likely test the water, add one chemical, test the water and find another chemical is out of balance and so on and so on — you spend more money by trying to get the water properly balanced.

Many qualified pool service professionals will pay a service visit to give you an estimate and may clean the pool for free or a discounted price for the first time so you can “try out” the service. If you’re hiring a pool service contractor make sure you get estimates from more than one pro so you can compare apples to apples and make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Give us a call if you’d like an estimate on pool service this summer. We have been working during the entire pandemic to keep everyone’s pools safe and bacteria-free.