Does your backyard and poolside space make you happy? Did you spend a lot of time home last year? Is your yard staycation ready? If it wasn’t last year, you certainly want it to be this year, right? When you look at the swimming pools your friends and family own do you wish your pool looked like that? If you want a vacation hotspot in your yard or want to turn the pool space into a paradise we have tips.

Once you have made the decision to become a pool owner you have taken the first step in staycation yard design! Pools are a lot of work, but they are LOT of FUN and that’s what matters, right? Also, you can free up your time for swimming by hiring a pool service contractor from Imperial Pools, Inc in Decatur, IL to take on the maintenance and free you up for the fun.

Is your yard staycation ready?

Here are a few things to think about when you’re thinking about staycation.

  1. What do you think you need to have the yardspace feel like paradise? Trees. A hot tub? A gazebo or pool house? A combination of many of them? If you’re not even sure what’s available, give us a call.
  2. What does paradise and staycation-ready look like when you’re entertaining friends and family? Do you need a large, potentially covered space to relax and unwind? How about entertaining once the sun goes down? What kind of lighting will you want?
  3. Does staycation mean healthy activities? If so, having a pool puts you immediately on the right path! Getting into the pool and swimming laps or running from side to side or playing in-pool games with your family is a great way to get in shape… without feeling like exercise!

When adding staycation accessories or even having the pool constructed, it may just add to the resale value of your home — if that is a remote thought, think of that. Give us a call if you want a pool remodel or want to amp up the staycation feel at your home.