The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc get asked all the time, how to design your swimming pool. It’s a question that has a myriad of answers, but there are a few guidelines and ideas we share to help potential swimming pool owners get the pool of their dreams.

So many people have come to want swimming pools, especially in the midst of the 2020 coronavirus shut down. People still want their own pools this year because they know now they just never know what could happen and they want their home to be staycation ready!

There are a lot of considerations and decisions that need to be made when planning a pool project.

  1. Where to place it
  2. How much space will you devote to it
  3. Do you have a favorite shape or style
  4. Have you given thought to the construction material
  5. What about the outdoor living space? You definitely want a space to relax poolside
  6. and more!

How to design your swimming pool

The way in which your pool will be used also factors into the pool design. If you’re just going to be swimming laps, you may not need a traditionally-sized pool. If you plan to have a lot of pool parties you will need to consider both size and accessories for the pool.

Will you want a seating space in the pool? These are typically sun shelves. What about a rock waterfall? Do you fancy a beach entry? What about a hot tub or spa? If you want a diving board there are specific regulations that need to be followed to make the pool safe for diving (depth and width). Ask us about adding a deep end or if it’s best to go all one depth — note, all one depth does give you more “fun in the pool space.”

Bottom line: You want to have the pool of your dreams and have it be a space in which you can spend time and make memories with your friends and family! Give us a call today to plan your pool project.