Jumping into your swimming pool should be a cool, refreshing time. But when you go to jump in and cool off is your pool water too hot? Not too many people want to “get away” in water that is as warm as a bathtub. If your swimming pool water is inching into the ninety degree temperature range, you need to find a way to cool it down to make it more comfortable for swimming, right?

What can you do to make the pool more comfortable? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders in Champaign, Illinois have some unique methods to cool the pool water down so it’s enjoyable for swimming.

Is your pool water too hot?

Try some or all of these pool water cool down methods to make swimming a cooler event.

  1. Sure, this is drastic and will take a LOT of ice, but you can cool it down with some bags of ice. If you have access to ice and need a quick and dirty pool water cool down, dump ice into it. It may not be a long-term fix, but could cool it down for a short while!
  2. Run the pool pump and filter at night. Anything that uses electricity can cause heat and warm the water. Set up a timer on your pool filter and pump so it turns off when the sun goes down and turns on when it’s run the prescribed length of time.
  3. What kind of landscaping do you have around the pool? Having a windbreak is ideal when you want to keep cool air from blowing across the surface of the water, but if it’s too dense, it can keep the air from moving and your pool may just be heating up under the sun.
  4. For extreme cases we can install a reverse-cycle heat pump. This is a way to cool the water rather than heat it.
  5. Keep the water moving by installing a water fountain. When you stand under the fountain, the water will feel/be cooler and moving water is cooler than standing water.

We know we always say you should use a pool cover, but if you’re using a solar cover, stop using that for a brief time until the water is at a temperature that’s comfortable for everyone. What are your best water cool down tips?