Is your pool water making your eyes red? It shouldn’t and if you find it happening, it’s time to give your pool contractor from Imperial Pools, Inc a call or let them know what’s happening the next time they pay a service visit. Skin sensitivity can be made worse if you swim in water that has a chemistry that is out of balance. You should be able to swim in comfort and not get out with red eyes and dry, itchy skin. Give us a call and let us help!

Chemicals in the pool are a fact of life — unless you opt for a natural pool and that’s another matter entirely. Chemicals are needed for the pool but when they are balanced properly you won’t have dry skin or red eyes and your hair shouldn’t turn green. Let us know if you’re having any of the issues — if we don’t know we can’t adjust the chemistry.

Is your pool water making your eyes red?

What will your pool contractor do to address your red-eye issue?

  • The pool water pH and alkalinity will be tested to ensure they are in the correct ranges. If it’s too low or too high you will suffer skin irritation or red eyes. Minimizing skin irritation can be done by keeping the alkalinity and pH in check.
  • You may want to test the water regularly and make note of the chemistry readings and also on whether your eyes are red or if your skin itches. Testing between pool service visits and making note of any changes is helpful in addressing the issue.
  • Free and total chlorine levels will be tested. Chlorine may need to be added to bring free chlorine up to 10 times the combined chlorine level; if the combined chlorine is 0.2 PPM, add 20 PPM free chlorine. This is called “breakpoint chlorination” or “superchlorination,” the point where the chloramine bonds break apart. There is so much to be taken into consideration when cleaning and maintaining the water chemistry.
  • Even if the water chemistry is spot on, you may still have skin that is so sensitive it could be reacting to something in the chemicals themselves and you may want to ask your pool contractor to try a different brand for your pool or use a sanitizer other than chlorine.

A swimming pool service professional is your best resource for properly balanced pool water and he or she undergoes training to help keep up with new chemicals and new trends in pool maintenance. Give us a call today if you’re dealing with dry, itchy skin and red eyes.