Even if you’re not the one who cleans and maintains your swimming pool, chances are you would notice if something was wrong with it. Is the pool pump working right? That is not a question you want to be wondering about when you go out for a swim!

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois explain the pool pump is the center of the pool equipment. It is the piece of equipment that keeps the water clean, the filter operational and the bacteria removed and the chemicals properly circulated.

If something is making you think there might be a pump problem, your best bet is to get on the phone and give your swimming pool service contractor a call. Don’t let it go unaddressed because you’re just not sure if there is an issue. It’s better safe than sorry to have it checked and it could save you hundreds — it not more — in repair and replacement.

A pump that isn’t turning the water over at the proper rate will lead to bacteria in the water, potential algae growth and just plain dirty, unsafe water.

Is the pool pump working right?

What happens if the pump isn’t working properly and would could some of the issues be?

  1. Leak. Pool pumps can spring leaks because the thread sealant is dried up and cracked. There could be a bad o-ring or the fittings have become loose. The parts to fix these issues, are minimal as is the cost of the visit, if, however you don’t get a leak addressed you will be looking at a much bigger bill.
  2. Circulation. If the water isn’t circulating properly the reason could be that there is a clog in the pipes or the filter that’s impeding water flow. The skimmer and pump basket should be checked (you can do that yourself). If you see something clogging up the works, remove it. If you can’t see any clogs, you will want to call a professional to check it out for you.
  3. Motor. If you notice the motor is running when it shouldn’t be or if it turns on then immediately turns off or if it won’t turn on. Unplug it and call a pool contractor. You can check the breakers to see if the pump is tripping them and if that’s the case, call an electrician.
  4. Noise. If you all of a sudden notice the pump is noisy, that’s an indication there is something going on that needs to be checked. If you can identify the source of the noise, great. If not, call your pool contractor. A change in the sound of the pump is cause for concern.

Swimming pools are too big of an investment to not have any changes in water quality or equipment quality checked as soon as you notice a change. It is better to call a pool contractor and have him tell you there is nothing to worry about than it is to not have a problem addressed and have your pool contractor hand you an invoice for something that could have been taken care of.