In these trying and stressful times because of coronavirus, you want to make the most of a poolside staycation and enjoy the time at home with your family. The swimming pool contractors from the best pool builder in Champaign, Illinois have you covered.

Even with the coronavirus shutdown, swimming pool contractors are considered essential businesses and that means we can clean and maintain your swimming pool. Our contractors practice social distancing and all precautions as prescribed by the CDC.

Make the most of a poolside staycation

Here are some ways to enhance the enjoyment you get when you’re in your yard enjoying the pool or relaxing poolside.

  1. Device-free zone. Make it a rule to keep cell phones and electronics out of the poolside and outdoor living space. Chill out without technology. Imagine just resting and talking or reading a book or playing a board game. Getting away from the screens is beneficial for everyone.
  2. Throw a pool party for the family. You may not be able to invite friends over, but you can host a swimming pool party for your family. Plan a cookout. Plan a theme party with the items you have at home. Get everyone involved in the planning and make an entire day of it. You might even want to end the night watching a movie under the stars.There’s nothing better than a meal cooked on the grill and we bet you can find a way to cook every meal for the week on the grill!
  3. Add  misting unit and/or umbrellas or a cabana to keep you in the warmth of the summer day, but not in the direct path of the sun’s rays the entire day.
  4. Plan a romantic “get away” once the kids go to bed! Grab your favorite adult beverage, turn on your favorite music and relax with just the two of you. Light some candles and just enjoy being alone together.

   What will you do this weekend to get your family pool party on? Enjoy this time and make family memories. Best of all, everyone into the pool!