Is my pool leaking? That is truly never a question you want to ask or especially wonder about in the middle of the night! The swimming pool builders at Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois know that if your pool is leaking they can investigate and find the leak. They also offer insight and advice on whether your pool might be leaking and a test to figure that out.

Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Is the water level lower than it was yesterday, the day before… earlier that morning? If you’re convinced your swimming pool is leaking it’s time to call on your pool contractor to alleviate your concerns or confirm your suspicions.

Is my pool leaking?

If you think the pool is leaking you want to address it as soon as possible. If the water levels get too low it can damage pool equipment. If the pool is leaking it could also lead to instability in the pool itself. 

Don’t forget

Even if your pool is closed for the winter, you may still want to check for leaks — they can happen any time of the year. Many pool contractors advise pool owners to take a walk around the pool regularly even in the winter to assure there is no standing water which could mean it’s sprung a leak.

You can run an experiment to see if your pool is leaking or whether the water is just evaporating by doing the “Bucket test.” What is the bucket test, you ask?

  1. Take a bucket
  2. Fill it halfway with water
  3. Mark with a pen where the waterline is (on the inside and the outside of the bucket)
  4. Put the bucket alongside the swimming pool
  5. Turn off the swimming pool pump and keep people out of the pool for a couple of days 

After a couple days, compare the water level in the pool with the water in the bucket. If the levels of the water are similar between the water in the bucket and the water line on the inside and outside, you’re looking at evaporation. If the water levels are vastly different, leaking is likely the culprit and you need to contact your pool contractor ASAP.

 A swimming pool is a maze of plumbing and piping and any of them have the potential to lead to a leak. If you see standing water or the bucket test shows differences in the water level, it’s time to call your pool contractor and have him inspect the pool and repair any leaks.