The sun does its job whether you give it much thought or not, right? If you’re ever wondering is it worth it to heat your pool with solar? The best pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc in Decatur, IL have tips to help you make an informed decision. If you plan to swim as many months of the year as possible, then you may want to consider having a solar array installed. The return on your investment in heating your pool and/or hot tub can be calculated by the solar array professional who is putting the system in for you.

Is it worth it to heat your pool with solar?

Swimming pools can be heated through various methods:

  1. Heat pump
  2. Gas heater
  3. Electric heater
  4. Solar

Solar heating will be a major investment up front but if you’re looking at ways to open the pool earlier in the season or swim longer than your neighbors, solar heating can save you money in the long run.

Using a solar swimming pool heat pump is one of the most efficient ways to heat your pool water. These devices transfer heat from the air to the pool water and is an effective way to heat it. Compared to gas, electric or oil heaters, solar heat pumps cost less to operate, making them a more attractive option, after the initial investment.

Using solar allows you to regulate the water temperature — just as you would a solar array to heat your home.

Solar heating systems include:

  • The solar heat collector. The pool water is circulated through this to be heated by the sun
  • Filter. This removes debris before the water is pumped through the solar heat collector
  • Pump. This circulates the water through the filter and collector and then back to the pool
  • Flow control valve. This can be either an automatic or manual device that diverts the pool water through the solar collector

Ask us about the benefits of heating the pool water with solar and see if it makes sense for your budget and for the number of months a year you’d like to swim.

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