Have you ever thought about how much time you spend around the pool? Do you spend more time around it, than you do in it? Even if it’s pretty even — having a relaxing spot to kick back and enjoy the water and watch friends and family frolic, we have 5 poolside landscaping ideas that will make the space around the pool as exciting and aesthetically pleasing as the pool itself.

The next time we pay a service visit or if you’re in the process of getting a pool constructed, let’s spend some time talking about the poolside and the deck. Many people don’t pay enough attention or give enough attention to the time spent around the pool because they are so excited about having the pool itself. But even if you can’t have the poolside of your complete dreams and you will add to it as you go along you do want to make sure you have a place in which to relax when you’re not in the pool and placing folding lawn chairs in the grass isn’t probably something you want to do, right?

The experienced swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, the best pool builder in Champaign, Illinois will show you how to landscape the space around the pool.

When you talk with us we will discuss your budget and the goal you’re looking for with your pool landscaping project.

5 Poolside Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping projects serve several purposes and those are:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Water-saving measures
  3. Privacy
  4. Lower the time and money spent on maintenance
  5. Safety

What is the feeling you want to evoke when you have your swimming pool and the time you’re spending in it? Calm? Party hot spot? Child-friendly? A spot for exercise? A combination of many of these ideas?

You can sketch out a drawing of the project or you can glean inspiration from magazines, newspapers or online and show us what you think you want to have incorporated into your outdoor space. We can also create a bird’s eye view so you can see the placement of the items you want in your poolside space.

Even if you can’t afford to do everything you want to right up front, as long as it’s laid out you can add to the landscaping project throughout the years of your pool ownership.

What would you like to see in the landscaping project?

  1. Plants and trees?
  2. Fencing — safety and aesthetic
  3. Lighting?
  4. Outdoor kitchen?
  5. Pool house?
  6. Hot tub or spa?

You will also want to consider the type of furniture you want to have around your pool and deck and factor that into your pool budget.

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