Is it too late to get a pool this summer? Maybe not, if you start the process as soon as possible. The swimming pool contractors form Imperial Pool Builders in Champaign, Illinois work with families to help them realize their dream of swimming pool ownership and they can help you!

What goes into a swimming pool construction project? There are many steps that need to be taken, not the least of which is choosing your swimming pool contractor. This is not a step to be taken lightly and without checking references and having conversations before you sign any contract.

Is it too late to get a pool this summer?

If you’re dreaming of having a pool this summer because you don’t want to let another sweltering summer go by without one, you will want to understand what goes into the project — once you’ve made the decsion and set your budget and found a contractor, that is.

Keep in mind that it usually takes between two to three months to construct a swimming pool. This can take longer or shorter depending on the building material you choose, the size of the pool, the ease of getting building permits and variances if you need them and the weather.

  1. Once you’ve found your pool contractor, it will take up to one month to design the swimming pool. You will tell your contractor the vision for the pool and he or she will help you realize that dream. Your pool contractor will probably show you three dimensional models of the pool as well as a bird’s eye view of what your yard will look like once the pool is installed.
  2. Plan for two weeks to a month and a half to obtain the permits necessary for the construction. This varies based on the municipality in which you live and how quickly they process permits.
  3. The excavation of the pool site will take about a week — weather permitting. It might only take one or two days to actually dig the hole, but planning for a week, gives you and the contractor a construction cushion.
  4. One to two weeks should be set aside for the installation of the plumbing, steel and electric once the hole is excavated. After the hole has been dug, your pool contractor will lay the steel, then lay the plumbing and electrical lines. The accessories you have in your pool — water features, spa, steps, lighting, etc. can all impact how long it takes to lay the steel, plumbing and electrical lines.
  5. The final part of the puzzle is the one with the most variables. If you have a gunite pool it will take the longest, a vinyl liner pool, the second longest and a fiberglass pool, the quickest construction. Fiberglass pools are a faster project because it is a structure that is preformed and placed into the excavated area. Vinyl and gunite require more steel layout and gunite requires the concrete to be sprayed in and cured before it can be filled.
  6. Don’t forget about the pool landscaping or any special features you have constructed as part of the pool project. You may want a deck, a poolhouse, an outdoor kitchen, etc. The length of time for this part of the project depends on the features and landscaping you opt for.

┬áSo you can see, there is still time to get a pool constructed this summer, as long as your selected pool contractor has time in his schedule. Give us a call if you’d like a pool this summer!