If you’re renting a home or if you’re in a home that you know is a stopping point between homes, you may be asking, should you get an above ground swimming pool? The answer is, maybe! You won’t want to invest tens of thousands of dollars on an inground swimming pool if you know you’re not going to be in your current home long-term. You certainly don’t want to put money into an inground swimming pool if you are only renting, but an above ground swimming pool could be an option.

There are a myriad of reasons that an inground pool might be right for your family, in addition to the ones we mentioned above — and cost might be one of the biggest factors.

Should you get an above ground swimming pool?

Talk with the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois about your thoughts on an above ground pool and what the advantages and disadvantages might be. Also, ask if the pool is portable in case you’re moving soon.

Reasons to get an above ground pool:

  1. You’re not staying in your current home
  2. Your budget isn’t large enough for an inground pool project
  3. If yard space is a consideration and you think an above ground pool will take less space, you’re right but a lap pool will also take limited space, too
  4. An above ground pool may be able to be moved and taken with you if you move
  5. If you’re renting a home long-term you want a pool, but want one that can move with you.

How to choose your above ground swimming pool

  1. Look at a steel pool, it’s strong, above ground and is also one of the most expensive styles
  2. Hybrid pools are steel and resin, are durable and cost less than a steel pool

When shopping for your swimming pool shop for size, price, potential portability and ease of installation. You need to know whether you can, or want to, install the pool on your own or hire a pool contractor to do it for you. Don’t forget to budget for safety measures, a fence a ladder, alarms and other safety items.

Is thereĀ  a pool in your future? Above ground or inground? Give us a call.