When you’ve added a swimming pool to your home you may not have had the idea in mind of “when I sell the house it will be easier to sell because we’re having XYZ put in.” Add amenities to your pool because you love it, not because it will help you sell your house later. Is it time to upgrade your pool amenities? It might be.

Talk with your swimming pool contractor at Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois if you’re thinking about adding amenities. Let’s face it, when your pool is constructed and is opened, it is the magnet that draws friends and family to your home. Great!

There are so many ways to upgrade and improve the pool and they range from simple: Like planting trees or shrubbery or upgrading your deck and patio furniture to a major renovation like adding a rock waterfall, a beach entry or an infinity edge. They run the gamut, as you can see!

Is it time to upgrade your pool amenities?

Adding drama to a pool space is something that many pool owners turn to. What could add drama?

  1. A rock waterfall
  2. Fountain
  3. Lava rock bowl
  4. Fire features
  5. Gauzy draped gazebo

Remember, when you add amenities it may change the look and feel of the pool and it may also require a change in the maintenance requirements — talk with us about the amenities and their potential impact on your pool maintenance.

Don’t let yourself get too hung up on, “what should we add to the swimming pool to make it grander and better?” The pool itself is grand and better and is the ideal way to add to the ambiance of your house and yes, it just might increase the resale value of your home — if that is a concern.

Give us a call and let’s talk about any upgrades to your pool landscaping and pool amenities and get your project started.