Having a swimming pool built is an exciting time for a family. What happens though when you’ve had and enjoyed your pool for a decade and it just isn’t as exciting as it used to be? Imperial Pool Builders in Champaign, Illinois ask, “is it timeto remodel your swimming pool?” It might be. A pool remodel can be undertaken to upgrade and update, to breathe new life into the pool, to replace outdated or energy inefficient equipment or to make sweeping changes to the pool — think adding a deep end or changing the shape of the pool itself. You may want to upgrade the outdoor living space or even add a hot tub as part of the remodel project.

Once you have your budget set, it’s time to consider what the ultimate outcome of your project will be, then let’s get started!

Is it time to remodel your swimming pool?

  1. Get a new liner. This can make your tired swimming pool look brand new! If you have a gunite pool resurface it to make it white, bright and fresh; keep in mind it could take several weeks to complete. It is a major undertaking to resurface or replace a fiberglass pool, but it can be done! It involves investing a new shell.
  2. Upgrade and update the pool tiles or the decking around the pool.
  3. Repair, replace or install a swimming pool deck. If it’s in need of repair, do that as part of your project. Resurface your existing deck. Install a new deck. Extend the deck around the entire pool.
  4. Add lighting to the pool as a way to amp up the aesthetics and the safety. Add or upgrade lighting in the outdoor living space.
  5. Add a water feature. A rock waterfall. fountain, sun shelves, diving board or slide add to the fun and the aesthetic appeal. Add a poolside mister.
  6. Replace your pool furniture or pool furniture cushions. Upgrade the entire outdoor seating area with new furniture and accessories.
  7. If you want to really “go big” add a pool house, gazebo or an outdoor kitchen.

If you spend more time out of doors than you do inside during the summer months, making an outdoor living space or pool remodel project part of your 2018 plans might be just what you and your family need to add new fun to your staycation times!